“The Last of Us demonstrates that the stories we truly care about aren’t filled with special effects, but with fully drawn characters whose journeys we are invested in. Bill and Frank’s lives together are filled with meaning, beauty and compassion despite being surrounded by a crumbling world filled with chaos, trauma and suffering. That this story of hope is centered around queer love and joy is a celebration. They not only live. They live their best lives ever.” – From A Queer Love Story For The Ages From The Last of Us by Lyla Miklos

“In these troubling times holding on to that kind of hopefulness requires its own kind of faith, because it is so easy to doubt that we deserve love and that love is our gift to give each other. To love is to take a risk, but if humanity takes that risk collectively and believes that everyone is worthy of love, imagine what a transformative world that would be.” – From The Exorcist’s Timeless Examination of Faith and Doubt by Lyla Miklos

“Pride is political. It always has been. As a queer woman my mere existence is constantly under attack. Rights gained are never static. There are too many forces working away at undoing and subverting the gains the LGBTQ community has made. There are far too many parts of our planet where the state would jail, torture or murder me because of my sexual orientation.” – From Pussy, Pride & Police by Lyla Miklos

“War and violence are beneath us. We know it in our bones, yet we cling on to it like a raggedy security blanket because it’s all we have ever known for so long. The unknown is frightening, but it is also filled with so much hope and possibility. It is not the job of God, a Messiah, a Politician, or a Prophet to end war in our time. It is our job, humanity’s, to end war once and for all.” – From The Lord of The Rings: Just Wars, Evil, and Other Myths by Lyla Miklos

“I have lived most of my adult life in fierce defiance of those who tell me that I can’t do this, can’t say that, can’t think this, can’t feel that or simply can’t be. I have protested as an individual and with groups against those in power who would try to suppress or oppress those who have been continually stripped of their rights. I am not afraid of going where angels fear to tread.” – From Lyla’s 2003 Hamilton West Provincial NDP Nomination Speech